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Matsumi Corporation is the Company that lead the market of Damaged car and think about contribute to Earth Enviroment through appliciate the resouce of Damaged car.

Matsumi Corporation
TEL (+81)0285-39-6431
FAX (+81)0285-39-6432
Open from 8:00 to 21:00(GMT+9:00)
Close on Sunday and National Holiday

Company Profile
Company Name Matsumi Corporation
Foundation 5.March 2001
Vice President


Head Office 1169-1,Nikkodonishi,Kizawa,Oyama-shi,Tochigi,JAPAN


Gunma Branch
Saitama Branch
Reveal 102, 508-2 Kake, Iwatsuki-Ku, Saitama-Shi, Saitama, JAPAN
Sales Volume one billion yen(In March 2012)
Employee 40
Main Works Used car and Damaged car sales
Main Bank Tochigi Bank
Main Partners AIU Insurance Co., Ltd.
AIOI Insurance Co.,Ltd.
SEISON Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Sompo Japan Co.,Ltd.
NGP Group
and a lot of Car Dealers
License Secondhand Dealer License No.411070001242
Car recycle Low Parmitted Trader License No.20841000394